The MELT Method®

MELT is a self-treatment techinque the enhances mobility, stability and performance by calming your nervous system and rehydrating your connective tissue throughout the whole body. 

With the ongoing need for radical self-care, this method can help eliminate chronic pain, improve performance and decrease the "stuck stress" in our body caused by repetitive postures and movements in everyday living. 

The MELT Method® is a perfect place to start to heal your body and feel more grounded and centered in your body. It is clinically proven to reduce persistent pain problems while easing the mind and restoring overall well-being

~Coreography Coaching Services~ 

To learn more about SYNERGIE for the BODY watch below! 

Learn more about Coreography by Caroline  

To learn more about SYNERGIE for the FACE & NECK watch below! 

Experiential Health Coaching

Together we will discover new pathways to illuminate your unlimited power within. With a full supported nurturing space, clients will be guided and inspired to connect energetically to the core of their own health and healing.

Clients discover a way of living and being that nourishes and fuels the body intuitively, cultivating a deep sense of purpose and restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit. 

We will explore the spectrum of health-related elements in one’s life that affect our body from the Inside Out. Uncovering ways to nourish our bodies healthfully, exploring digestive health, energizing the mind/body connection, craving natural health and healing, experiencing stress reduction, and strengthening immunity. 

“When I began working with a health coach, Caroline Anderson, I  knew very quickly that I wanted to work with her - that she might exactly what I needed to finally find the right motivation for getting my weight under control and becoming healthier. We began in January and have worked together for eight months now. I have made progress in figuring out some things that work for me and some things that don't, and likely never will. I have found types of exercise I actually like. I've grown a tiny voice in my head that says I shouldn't worry about it too much.      ~S.R. Madison, WI

Synergie ~ Aesthetic Massage 

Synergie is a therapeutic massage that uses the principles of vacuum massage combined with applied pressure to physically manipulate the deep collagen fibers and connective tissue in our body.

This techique is FDA approved as a method to provide relief from muscle soreness and to reduce the appearance of stagnant, unhealthy layers in the skin, by increasing blood circulation to the treated areas. It can also improve skin tone and soften scars too. 

It is the PERFECT Solution to help strengthen our immune system by stimulating the cells in the superficial layers of our skin and riding the cells of built up toxins. Ultimately, this helps flush out our lyphmatic system. 

​Coreography by Caroline         

Integrative Exercise & Movement

As Caroline began her journey to become a certified fitness professional, she was immediately drawn to the core principles and techniques of Pilates. Especially, the focus on breathing, lengthening and stretching to benefit the whole body, mind and spirit.  

She discovered how the basic concepts aligned with her deep commitment of empowering individuals of all body types, with a full range of skills, techniques and movements.

Caroline has found teaching with compassion and understanding, her clients are able to become more grounded and present, especially in the “core” areas of the body.​