WIth a wide array of educational opportunities, trainings and personal life experiences, Caroline's passion is to help others reconnect to the CORE of who they are, with compassion, curiousity and understanding. 

With loving encouragement and support, Caroline is committed to helping individuals illuminate a new path of possiblity, developing clarity and confidence in their own journey of self-discovery. 

When we tap into our innate whole body healing messages, we find we are "hungry" for what we cannot name; connections beyond the those of daily life. As this unfolds, clients can begin to release barriers and restore the body's potential to heal from the Inside Out. 

The journey is not to "fix" you, it is walking through the door inside you, to truly see what's behind it. Then, you can express what you actually want, giving yourself permission to finally GO FOR IT! 

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The hardest part of growth is ALLOWING yourself to KNOW what YOU already know! 

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Born and raised in Madison WI, I currently live in Verona, WI with my family.  After graduating with a degree in education from University of Wisconsin, Madison, I enjoyed my time teaching. I then decided to take a leap of faith and work from the ground up in a family travel business, The Nordic Company. 

After the travel landscape changed in 2008 and various family health challenges , I ventured into the world of health and wellness where I found my passion for coaching, functional movement, specializing in the connection to our core, and energetically supporting clients in the journey of self-discovery. 

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Education and professional licenses:
N.C.C.A. ACE Certified Heath & Wellness Coach
N.C.C.A. ACE Certified Personal trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
MELT Method ~ LEVEL 1 Instructor with Hands & Feet training
Pilates, Integrative Exercise, Active Agers, Bosu for Balance & Yoga Fit for Weight loss

CLARITY Energy Training & CLARITY Coaching