Coreogra​phy by Caroline - Wellness from the inside out

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I offer a more holistic view, factoring in the different elements within a client's' life, including work, family and internal/external stressors. We will focus on your strengths and positivity vs. weaknesses and challenges. 

My focus is to encourage clients to adopt a healthier lifestyle by focusing on their own inner wisdom and awareness of the journey. When we adapt to anything new, it is a process. So, I help clients to become process-oriented rather than results-oriented, which leads to stronger long-term results. 

Deep inside each of us is the continuing story of our lives.

Coreography by Caroline offers a comprehensive wellness approach to achieve your weight loss, lifestyle and health goals. Whether you want a fresh approach to creating permanent lifestyle changes or a flexible fitness routine that supports and fits into your daily life demands, I will help you reconnect with your authentic self to align with your core values. Together, we will work to uncover underlying issues that may have served as barriers to your general well-being in the past and achieve long term success. As a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer I am honored to support every ”body” individually. 

I am honored when my clients...

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  • Feel deeply served and supported on their path to enduring lifestyle change.
  • Experience a fundamental shift in the way they think of their health & well-being.
  • Develop clarity & confidence in their journey of self-development. 
  • Uncover a self-nurturing approach to what is driving their behaviors around food, their body and their overall health. ​

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