Energy work speaks to your energetic and emotional well-being. It is 50 minutes just for you and about you. Often it is a time to connect with your source, meditate and relax. It is done on a massage table while fully clothed and under a blanket and my hands are place on the body in various places but the body is not manipulated. It differs from Reiki in that the human touch is equally important space of nothingness which is honored and dedicated for you to create what you want and need during our time together. 

​​Health & Wellness Coaching

As a certifed Personal Trainer, I provide a fresh approach to exercise and movement that integrates Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Core and strength training. Caroline also offers personalized workouts that focused on your specific needs and goals. I also take it a step further and offer a safe, comfortable studio so you can enjoy working out in a private, relaxed space without the stress of a gym with various times to accommodate the crazy lifestyles of today.

I Feel blessed to offer:

By utilizing all major muscle groups with balance and control, Pilates helps you to begin to appreciate your body through a lens of curiosity and acceptance while improving flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. With compassion and understanding, clients are able to become more grounded and present, deep in the "core" of the being. 

Personalized Fitness

Take time to decompress and integrate this restorative practice into your self-care routine. Every MELT sessions is nurturing and supportive, designed to release tension, realign the spine, and encourage the body to heal from the inside out. This therapeutic approach offers many gentle techniques and tools that are distinctive and effective, addressing all areas that harbor stress in our body. MELT will help alleviate stress in a way that people of any age or fitness level will appreciate. It is a perfect complement to any movement or self-compassion program. 

CLARITY Energy Sessions


Wellness Services

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The MELT Method

Coreogra​phy by Caroline - Wellness from the inside out

Together we will discover new pathways to illuminate your unlimited power within. With a full supported nurturing space, clients will be guided and inspired to create and build trust in their own discovery of health and healing. Life-enhancing resilience is truly about discovering a way of living and being that nourishes and fuels your body intuitively, cultivating a deep sense of purpose and restoring balance to the body, mind and spirit. Clients often reveal a well-spring of potential just waiting to empower their journey forward! ​​As a certified Health Coach I support every ”body” individually.

We will explore the spectrum of health-related elements in one’s life that affect our body from the inside out such as: nourishing our bodies healthfully, digestive health, mind/body connection, natural health and healing, stress reduction, and autoimmunity.